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Get a new lease on life with therapeutic acupuncture services from Shanghai Acupuncture & Herbal Services in Brookline, Massachusetts. The following reviews are from some of our past customers about our exceptional work.

Low Back Pain

“I had gone to my medical doctor and chiropractor for my severe back pain for two weeks. Despite of all the pain medicines, muscle relaxants, and spinal adjustments, my pain continued to become more severe. My primary care physician referred me to Dr. Hou. He spent a lot of time listening to me, explaining the possible causes of my pain, and showing me the safe way to exercise and take cautions during my work. My pain was greatly reduced after the first session of acupuncture. I continued the acupuncture combined with Chinese therapeutic massage for four more sessions and I was a new man. I have not had a single pain since! I would like to commend him on his remarkable skill and his care towards me.”

Edward, Security Supervisor, Brookline, Massachusetts
“I was trying in vain to be pregnant for years, using both natural approaches and several cycles of IVF. Finally, my friend mentioned to me a research paper about the safety and effectiveness acupuncture for infertility and Dr. Hou's successes in treating infertility. Immediately, I started acupuncture treatments with him along with my new cycle of IVF. Dr. Hou arranged specific acupuncture treatment plan to accommodate my IVF schedule, even on weekends and evenings. I cannot thank him enough about the time and energy he devoted to help me to become a mother of twins on this new cycle of IVF! I will not be hesitated to recommend Dr. Hou to my friends who need the help about infertility.”

Jennifer, Medical Office Manager, Beacon Hill, Boston
Weight Control
“I was gaining weight constantly. I had already tried various special diet programs to control my weight gain. It had been always very difficult for me to follow through and my weight kept increasing all the time. I joined the weight control program conducted by Dr. Hou through one of my friends, who is his patient and has been doing very well under that program. Dr. Hou's program is very different form the ones I tried before. He gives detailed, easy-to-follow advices on life style, diet, and exercises, combined with his regular acupuncture treatment to control my appetite and balance my metabolism. It is so effective that I have lost 7 pounds in the first week, 23 pounds in the first month. I have been slowly losing weight steadily in the first few months, and my weight has been stable since. I am extremely happy of the huge amount of weight I have kept off, and now I am a new person. I can now fit into the clothes that I bought 5 years ago!”

— Lisa, Insurance Broker, West Newton, Massachusetts
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